Welcome to The World of Conox™ Glass

Let us help you:

  • Meet your CO2 targets
  • Reduce your value-chain carbon footprint
  • Increase your recycled content goals
  • Reduce your need for virgin raw materials
  • Lower your batch costs
  • Make your business more sustainable

Waste concrete is an abundant, low-CO2 alkaline earth resource. Conox, LLC is the world’s first company to make glass suitable for a myriad of glass products from this amazing waste resource.


The future of glass belongs to Conox™ glass.


Concrete is the world’s most versatile building material. But around the globe, waste concrete is generated at a rate of nearly 2.2 billion tons a year. Waste concrete accounts for about 70% of all construction and demolition (C&D) waste generated annually. In fact, the amount of waste concrete is nearly twice the amount of municipal solid waste generated each year. It clogs our landfills.

Conox™ glass is made from waste concrete and does some pretty amazing things in the transformation process. Conox™ glass reduces the CO2 output of glass production by as much as 40% or more over conventional soda lime glass. What’s more, Conox™ glass requires less added sulfate in order to control gas bubble nucleation.

Waste concrete is found nearly everywhere on the planet, so it doesn’t have to be transported long distances to be made into Conox™ glass. This eases the burden on virgin raw materials and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the glass value chain