Created Quality Glass While Searching For Oxides

Conox, LLC is a research and development company and the inventors of Conox glass products; glass made from waste concrete.  Like any other glass, Conox glass is endlessly recyclable and great for the planet, people, and the circular economy.


There has never been a more opportune time for Conox glass.  Made from recycled waste concrete, Conox glass is good for the environment, safe, cost-effective, plentiful, and found virtually everywhere.


We were searching for proprietary oxides for industrial uses when we created Conox glass.  Never before in the 5,000-year history of glass has so versatile a mineral resource been more aptly suited to the times we live in.


Waste concrete contains all the key elements necessary for quality glass; silica, calcia, alumina, and iron.  When combined with traditional fluxes well known in glassmaking, waste concrete becomes a glass feedstock suitable for nearly everything made from glass.


Because waste concrete is typically low in alkali, Conox glass can be used for low-alkali glasses (like borosilicate glass), while the addition of alkalis (say sodium or potassium) in the production of Conox glass produces soda lime glasses useful for myriad applications we use every day to make our lives better.  If it’s made from glass, it can probably be made with Conox glass.


We’re working with many companies around the globe who want glass products that help the environment, drive down production costs, and leave a small carbon footprint.

You’ll soon find Conox™ glass in food and beverage containers and bottles, building products like fiberglass insulation and mineral wool, industrial products like safe and effective blasting abrasives and sands for grouts, mortars, and stuccos. Conox™ glass can be used as Pozzolans for Portland cement concrete to make it stronger and better.  Imagine, new concrete made better by glass from waste concrete – a perfect picture of circular economics making the world better.

Conox™ glass is useful for glassware like cookware, drinking glasses, and plates. You’ll even see Conox™ glass in artisan’s glass beautifying our surroundings and making life more interesting.