Waste Concrete For Many Applications

Container Glass

The container glass industry is experiencing a rebirth and growth cycle after years of stagnation. People around the world are recognizing the benefits of glass as an earth-friendly, people-friendly packaging material. Endlessly recyclable, Conox™ glass makes use of waste concrete’s low-CO2 properties, it’s abundance, it’s proximity to everywhere, and its ability to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire value chain.

Conox™ glass is available in an endless variety of possible colors. Contact us today.

Float Glass

Conox™ glass comes naturally tinted. It works for all types of plate and flat glasses. The robust formulating capacity of Conox™ glasses makes them a natural choice for float glass applications.

Fiberglass Insulation and Glass Fiber

Fiberglass formulations with or without borates and low to nearly zero, alkali are no problem for Conox™ glass. Conox™ glass is suitable for Types A, B, C, E, ECR, AR, and R.


Few industries have undergone greater turmoil in recent times as the industrial blasting abrasive industry. From the OSHA Beryllium Rule, and the OSHA Silica Rule cracking down heavy metals and respirable crystalline silica, to coarse garnet shortages – the abrasive industry is ready for a cost-effective, dense, suitably hard, safe abrasive.

Conox™ glass makes excellent blasting abrasive – it’s free from concerns of beryllium, respirable crystalline silica, and single-stream non-glass residues and contaminants so often found in recycled crushed glass abrasive. Conox™ glass abrasives are born of fire – they contain nothing but pure glass oxide abrasives.

With densities rivaling mineral slags, and greater than silica sand, coal slag, and recycled crushed glass, Conox™ glass abrasives get the job done at a fraction of what you’d pay for garnet, or aluminum oxide.

Mineral Wool

Conox™ glass is excellent for mineral wool applications. It can be melted in a range of furnace types and is made with locally sourced waste concrete, a low-cost primary feedstock.

Grains, Sands, and Powders

Conox™ glass grains and sands are useful in grouts, mortars, and stuccos for those companies wishing to formulate out the use of silica sand. Conox™ glass powders make excellent fillers for compounds like paints, plastics, and rubber.


The waste concrete generated each year around the globe is a significant issue. More than 2.2 billion tons of waste concrete is taken out of service every year.  It’s nice to know that millions of tons of that waste can be put back into new concrete all the while making it better and stronger, and reducing the amount of cement needed per cubic yard.

Conox™ glass Pozzolans replace up to 10% of the cement in cubic yard of concrete.  That means less cement needs to be produced around the globe each year, reducing the level of CO2 in the environment, lessening the burden on landfills, and reducing demands on virgin raw materials like silica, alumina, calcia, and iron.


Conox™ glass is easily formulated to produce tough and beautiful glassware. From plates, dishes, tumblers, and stemware, to cookware, and pans, Conox™ glass can be made to deliver fit, form, and fashion. Conox™ borosilicate formulations make tough, durable glasses for range of industrial applications too.


Conox™ glass works for lighting. From soda lime glass to more.

Solar Glass

Conox™ glass can be used for optical and solar glass. The final formulation and level of Conox™ glass in the product will determine the final light transmission and refractive properties.